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April 17, 2014

Vegas State of Mind

Things have been freaking nuts around here!

And you know what?  Sometimes a girl just needs a moment.  I'm all for the hustle and bustle of life--but if we could keep that to a small dose, that'd be great.  You all know this book re-write has me pretty much strapped to my desk at any waking moment.  Throw in the rest of life--and it's easy to start feeling really overwhelmed.  Work is important to me, but so is making sure I take some time to myself--even if it's a brief moment here or there.


When I need  a moment, I like to...

>> Read a book.  It doesn't matter if I sneak in snippets while I'm trying to cook dinner, or if I intentionally get in bed an hour early so I can lose myself in the pages--reading never fails to relax me.  The added bonus is that I always feel very productive when I'm reading.  Relaxation and productivity? Yes please.

>> Clean.  Before you click out thinking omg this girl is crazy bare with me a second.  I throw on some good music and attack the house.  While the actual act of cleaning may not seem so relaxing--I find great pleasure in the aftermath of it.  Sitting down on the couch with a glass of wine after you've blitzed the entire house?  It's awesome, take my word for it.

>>Run.  Okay, no.  I don't like to run.  In fact--I'm very convinced the entire time I'm running that I'm actually going to die.  But there's nothing better than when the little voice comes through my headphones telling me your workout is complete.  And then the endorphins kick in and I feel like I am on top of the world.  Screw drugs--I'll take a runner's high any day.

>>Spend time with friends.  This one is kind of a no brainer--but sometimes just hanging out with good people (and okay, maybe having a beer or two) can do wonders for your soul.

>>Paint my nails.  Duh.  This isn't something I do quickly before I'm running out the door.  No.  It's an experience for me.  I set up the iPad with an old favorite show (usually it's old school Grey's.  Sometimes it's One Tree Hill.  Lately, it's been old episodes of Glee).  I choose my colors carefully.  I think up what I want to do--sometimes I go plain jane (like this week)--other times I like to mess around with nail art.  However it goes down, it's definitely a relaxing experience for me.

::reads over post::
Oh.  And that's how I know I'm an adult.
When did partying get replaced with cleaning and reading as my relaxation tactics. #oldladystatus

This post is a part of a campaign for  April is National Stress Awareness month--and they are running a "Let Loose" campaign.  Not everyone can jut off to Vegas on a moment's notice--so they're encouraging us to have a Vegas state of mind.  So how do you let loose?  

**I was not compensated for this post.  I just think making time for yourself to let loose is hugely important!

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Stuff & Things 4/17

Oh, friends.  I don't like this whole posting once a week thing.  I know it's necessary for right now--but I really, really miss blogging.

So what's been up this week?  Okay, here's the low down:

>> J sold his truck.  Yes, the truck he's had since he was 16.  The truck we fell in love in.  The truck Bailey and I have grown so accustomed to "listening" for.  So long, truck.  It'll definitely be missed.  Also?  J scares the crap out of me when he gets home now.  Stupid quiet car.

>> In related news, we got a "new to us" car.  So cross that off the 30 before 30 list.  Although, I've still yet to sit in the driver's seat.  When exactly is it my turn to drive, dear?  Also?  There's no way to say what we got without it coming out completely douchey.  We sold his truck and bought this outright for less than what we sold the truck for--it was just a heck of a deal and you know J couldn't say no.  So yeah, we have a Jag (Jaguar?) now.  See?  No way to say it without sounding like an utter douchebag.  Either way--it's pretty.

>>I think I confused some people with my tweet yesterday.

It was supposed to be a part of a previous tweet--but on it's own it sounds like I'm almost done with the whole rewriting process.  I am not.  I am not even close.  But I was close to being done with the chapter I was working on ;)

>>I ran that 20 minute stretch without stopping.  At 10:30 at night, no less.  Luckily I live on like the safest campus on the planet.  I didn't die--but the two runs since then have pretty much killed me--I don't really know why that is because it went back to intervals after the 20 minute run.  I think my whole body is just tired if I'm being honest.  Next up: 22 mins.  Yeah, okay.

>> J and I were at dinner last night (also rocking some trivia--which was hard as crap by the way).  I reached in my wallet to grab my phone and pulled out a folded up piece of paper with it.  Obviously curious--I opened it up.  It was an entire notebook page full of symptoms I was tracking from last year.  Today, I worked my butt off, went for a run and enjoyed a dinner and a beer with my husband all while feeling wonderful.  And in that moment, J and I cheers'd to good freaking health.  It was apparently easy for me to forget just how sick I really was an for how long.

>>Some of you have asked when I'll be back to regularly scheduled programming.  And if I'm being completely honest--I have no idea.  I hope soon.  That probably means mid-May.  Obviously I'm hoping to knock all of this work out before then--but it's so much.  I promise--the moment my work load simmers down, I'll be back to annoying you 5 days a week!

>> Oh, and on a final note.  When we walked into dinner last night--some of the football GAs leaned over the little wall and hollered HODGEPODGE.  I didn't see them at first and my heart fluttered thinking someone recognized me from the blog.  Yeah, no.  They were just hollering at J.  It wouldn't be the fist time though--there was that one time back in Charlotte!  At my old Target/Starbucks.  Man, I miss that place.

Alright, friends.  I'm out.  You'll see another post from me later on today called Vegas State of Mind.  It's worth a quick read if you'll take a moment!

Miss y'all bunches!

April 10, 2014

A Mash Up

1. This Saturday, my program says I'm supposed to run 20 minutes straight without stopping.  Go home, program.  You're drunk.

2. I think I'm missing the omg ombre' gene.  Am I the only person on the planet who just...doesn't get it?  To each their own and all--but this is one trend you won't ever see me intentionally rocking.  I also believe it'll be a trend that will have several generations from now going wtf?

3. Re-writes.  A lot of you have been asking how they're going--and I just...I love you for that.  The fact that you all are so invested in this dream of mine just makes my heart so happy--and it keeps me moving forward on the days I'm tempted to burn the whole thing.  They're actually going well I think.  It's hard to judge your own work.  We're either overly critical (raises hand, totally guilty)-or we can't see through the veil of our own work and think it's amazing.  Now, I've never been the latter (thanks, Creative Writing Workshops for ruining me)--but I think they're going well.  In comparison to the original draft, I see improvement.  Let's just hope the copy editor sees it the same way.

4. Is there really anything better than homemade guac?

5. I miss Scandal.  I refuse to watch it while it's on live TV because my nerves can't handle the week long break between episodes.  So I'm just a sitting duck waiting on season 3 to make it to Netflix.  You know, when it's finished airing.  On the same note--J and I are anxiously waiting for Orange Is The New Black season 2.  I know what we'll be doing the week of my birthday!  #partyanimals

6. I'm going to be lame and go ahead and post my Nail Files picture today.  I got a lot of compliments on last week's post--and I wanted to try something similar.  I painted all but my ring fingers with W n' W megalast in Through The Grapevine.  The ring fingers I painted with Pure Ice Beware (you all know it's my most favorite silver glitter ever).  Then I mapped out the design with striping tape.  I feel like I should say that again.  I used striping tape.  No way in h-e-double-hockeysticks are these shaky hands capable of painting a straight line.

Then I painted over the glitter and striping tape with one coat of the W n' W polish.  Immediately, I pulled off the striping tape with tweezers in the opposite order I placed them.  And voila!

In other news--how is it only Thursday?  Has this been The Longest Week Ever for anyone else? 
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April 04, 2014

Color Me Inspired

If I'm being honest--
the hardest part of doing my nails is finding color inspiration.
I just don't really have an eye for it,
unlike someone (cough, Bailey) I know.

This week's manicure was actually inspired by that same Bailey (the person not my dog)! :-D

Also?  Why must you be so cute in workout clothes?  Seriously.

**edited to add the polishes:
Obviously I'm brain dead.  Can you blame me?
All three polishes are from the Sally Hansen Xtreme wear line:
280 Jazzy Jade
360 Mellow Yellow
240 Twisted Pink

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April 03, 2014

Stuff & Things 4/3

::hugs you::

Oh gosh, you guys.  I had every intention when I decided to take my little blogging break to still pop in for stuff & things posts and The Nail Files, but I think I might have been a little overzealous.  But for today, I am here.

>> Thank you all again for all of your support the last week!  As I've been drowning in rewrites, it's nice to know I have friends like you all in my corner!

>> This week has been a weird one.  Sunday I got hit on at the grocery store by a college kid who was 7 years younger than me.  A couple days later, a cashier exercised her right to deny the sale of alcohol to me despite my ID because she wasn't certain I was of age (uhm, what?).  Then yesterday the college girl cashier at the coffee shop was baffled that I was married and called me a child bride.  I mean.  I know the goal in life is to look young, but when people start judging, it's not cool.  Does someone want to print me a shirt that says I can vote, drink alcohol and rent a car (and then some)?

>> The running is going well.  Remember when I mentioned that in a few weeks the program was going to have me run 5 minutes and I didn't think I'd be able to do it?  Well, I did it!  Small victories, people!  Also--I know I've mentioned I run in a circle around my house.  So I pass my neighbor's house over and over.  In my last minute of my 2nd 5 minute run of the night--I kind of felt like I was going to die and trying to convince myself not to give up.  As I approached my neighbor's house, he was outside and paid me a nice compliment on my running form (promise he wasn't being creepy--he's a sweet man).

>> On Saturday J and I decided to go out for dinner.  We rarely go out to dinner, so I was stinking excited.  We take a seat at the bar, place our order and....tornado warning.  Now, that's not really all that uncommon around here--but when the freaking meteorologist draws a box on the TV of where the twister was--it was practically right on top of all of us at the restaurant.  To say it made for a very interesting 45 minutes would be an understatement!  Luckily, in the end, it missed us and only a small amount of damage was caused in the area.  PHEW!  (in other news: I might be the most dramatic texter ever. haha)

I really miss you guys!
Just FYI: I am still doing my best to read all of your blogs daily--I am just not commenting like I normally would for right now!