May 21, 2015

Stuff & Things 5/21

>> My obsession with iced peppermint mochas is back.  I'd have one or multiples every day if they weren't so stinking expensive.  It can seriously brighten my mood instantly.  I'm okay with that.

>> We leave for Charleston tomorrow for one of my best's weddings!  I have been looking forward to this trip for quite some time and I can't believe it's finally here!  We actually got it worked out that J will travel down with me on Friday (originally, he was going to come separately on Saturday) and this makes me extra happy since it'll be our 5 year anniversary!  Hopefully we'll get to visit a nice restaurant for lunch to celebrate before we have to separate for bachelorette stuffs.

>> Sometimes being an adult is freaking hard.  And I'd really like to figure out how we can just...I don't know, avoid the whole having to make big decisions and have hard conversations things.  I'm thankful for good friends (old and new) who make the whole adult thing just a little easier.

>> When I got home on Tuesday, my neighbor wanted to take the pups for a walk.  It's been absolutely gorgeous lately (though a tad hot), but the evening was just beautiful.  When she and I walked back into the complex, our neighbor was at the park with her dog (Savannah, who we watch), so of course we had to go over.  While we were there, our other neighbor showed up.  When we were leaving, after letting the pups play forever, we were approaching a guy who was working on a bike.  It wasn't until that moment that we realized how ridiculous we looked!  Four women, four dogs of various sizes and breeds.  It was like a puppy posse rollin' up on that dude!

>> Today is my Friday!!  I've got a jam packed evening which includes first stopping by a friend's happy hour before rushing home and getting alllllllll the things ready for this weekend!  That might just include giving myself a gel mani and practicing my hair and makeup.  And steaming my dress.  And packing all the things.  What is it about traveling that just makes me a stress ball, for real!  I'll be happy when we're en route and the vacay can officially start!

Okay!  Your turn!

May 20, 2015

Dolls in the City!

On June 19th, the Dolls in the City tour will be making its debut in Charlotte!  And just like the image above states, it'll be full of all the things dolls love to love!

The event, hosted at Extravaganza Events located at 1600 N Tryon St, will run from 5-10PM.  For just $10, using the code HodgePodgeDoll, you'll have access to a fun filled evening with girlfriends!

I'll be there, and I'd love to round up a bunch of blogging beauties to join me!  Let's make an evening of it, shall we?  If you're in NC, but not necessarily in Charlotte, perhaps we can make it a weekend long blogging fest!  Let me know if any of you are interested!

May 18, 2015

How a Pot Made Me Rethink My Life

When we got married, we were gifted a massive pot.  I mean massive.  20 quarts.  I knew what it was for, but it sort of seemed like a waste.  Over the last almost five years, it's mostly been a project just to find a place to store it.  I've used it as storage.  I used it for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  But I honestly never thought I'd find a reason to use it in the way it was intended.  How was it intended?

Well, I'm Italian.  And Italians are meant to make enough pasta on a Sunday to feed an army.  But it's just the two of us.  I'll never need this.  And yet, I held on to it because it felt like an abomination to my heritage to get rid of it.

Well yesterday, I dug it out of the tiny little storage closet and scrubbed it.  I filled it with many quarts of water and nearly strained a muscle carrying it over to the stove.  And then I poured two pounds of pasta into it.

It seems like such a simple thing.  Cooking Sunday supper.  But if I look back over the last four years and 51 weeks, it strikes me as important.  Because the truth is, I honestly couldn't see this part of our lives when I opened that pot all those years ago.  I could only see us exactly as we were.  I had no idea what the twists and turns were that our lives would take.  And I certainly couldn't see all the people that would eventually become so important.

So when I opened that pot, I saw it as useless.  A burden.  Unimportant.  But yesterday, I was so thankful we had it.  I couldn't imagine making supper for that many people without it.

And that makes me think about all the other gifts we've been given in our lifetime that we once might have seen as useless.  That piece of advice.  That offer to lend a hand.  That connection to someone you couldn't understand.  And how in time their purpose becomes important.  Something you couldn't ever see coming, and there you are armed with the tools to be prepared.

Because that's how it all goes, really.  You think you have your life figured out when you're twenty two.  You've got a ring on your hand and plans to move to another state.  You're steadfast with dreams and big ideas.  But you can't see the life that's ahead of you.  Not really, any way.

And that makes me wonder about what's ahead.  Not in an eager, I'm ready for the next step sort of way.  Just more of a simple curiosity.  I didn't see this coming, this life.  I didn't know that last nearly five years were just a perfectly choreographed dance to bring us to this point.  But now I know that we're still dancing, following the path to wherever we're meant to be.

May 14, 2015

Late Night Things & Julep Deals!

Julep Denise

Build your own Julep Dream Gift Box for just $19.99 (normally $30).  Click HERE and use the code SPRINGY

You want real life?  I'll give you real life.  I'm sporting running shorts for...well, the exact opposite of running, I've got an embarrassingly high ponytail sitting on the very top of my head secured with an ever fancy scrunchy that's somehow clung on since the early nineties, and I'm eating chicken noodle soup with the chicken picked out because ew.  That, y'all, is how you bring a Thursday night to life.

But no, really.  Out of nowhere this stupid sore throat settled in and I'm basically being a big baby about it.  Luckily, tomorrow is Friday.  And Friday makes me happy.

I also just have to share that as I'm typing, J is currently experimenting.  He's attempting to make his own frappuccino and all I can think about is what kind of mess is he about to make.  

In other news, I got about 20% through The Girl On The Train last weekend while riding in the car to Raleigh. Apparently that's the only time I can find to read anymore is when I'm trapped in a vehicle for a few hours.  It probably helped that the ride was straight out of my worst nightmare with all the stop and go traffic.  Hashtag: massively anxious passenger.  Also hashtag: every husband's dream woman.

Sorry, I got off topic.  What I meant to say there was that I've been dying to find the time to get back to that book!  I'm thinking I'm totally going to cash in on this sore throat tomorrow night and buy myself a ticket to seat on the couch with a book for a wild Friday night.  Hang around here, apparently I'll teach you how to party hardy.

Happy [almost] weekend, friends!  

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May 13, 2015

Stuff & Things 5/14

++ Miss Savannah caught me on my way out of the apartment the other morning.  She had to stop and say hello, of course.

++ Try the Food Lion brand Everything Hummus.  Trust me.

++ It's been brutally hot here.  It worries me a little, NC being in the 90s mid-May.  What will this summer look like, then?  With that said, iced coffee has been my jam lately.  Brew a normal pot.  Sweeten it while it's still hot.  Turn off the coffee pot and let it cool.  Transfer coffee into a pitcher and stick it in the fridge for whenever you're craving a little refresher.  Add ice & creamer and you're all set.

++ I'm in a hair rut, you guys.  I'm so tempted to just hack it all off.  I get pretty good volume mid-shaft through the ends, but my roots just sit so freaking flat all the time.  I'm contemplating some heavy layers again to try to add some life back into it.  In the meantime, if any of you have any kind of volumizing, root lifting miracle products to recommend, by all means please do!  Thoughts on these layers?  I'd keep most of my length, just want the layers added in.

++ I've been rewatching old Grey's Anatomy episodes while getting ready or doing chores lately.  I forgot how great the first few seasons really were.  I've since lost interest in the show, but I'm not immune to the spoilers (I have all these great intentions to finish the series eventually on Netflix).  But watching old episodes (we're talking early season 2) knowing what happens in the current season sure adds a new level of perspective.

++ Speaking of shows, I'm a Bachelor/Bachelorette junkie (Mia is to blame).  I'm so excited for the new season to start on Monday, but I'm really unhappy with their new direction of having two bachelorettes and having one get voted off.  Like, really?  Let these people hold on to some dignity, will you?  Anyway, I'm getting off subject.  There are so many girls in our complex who also watch, so we're all going to have weekly watch parties and i. can't. wait!

Okay friends, I'm falling asleep.  It's your turn!