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Serial Podcast: Did Adnan Do It?

I was ten years old, waiting impatiently in the living room for my turn at the TV.  My dad was glued to the screen, awaiting the verdict in a trial he was so sure about.  It's almost over he told me, practically giddy to see a guilty man convicted.

That's when a man came on the screen and announced that O.J. Simpson was found not guilty.  


Last December, along with the rest of the world, I was completely wrapped up in Serial.  I clung to every word, cursing when the episode would end with yet another question left to answer.  I talked about it any chance I got, telling everyone I knew that they had to listen to it.  Yeah, I was obsessed.

At first it was just an interesting story, something to distract me from the fact that my own life was totally unraveling.  And though it might be shameful to admit, it gave me comfort that things could always be worse.

Like the rest of the world, I was left wanting more at the end.  Sure, Adnan was charming and Koenig delivered an intoxicating narrative, but the big picture came screaming into focus.  This was a kid sentenced to life in prison (plus 30 years) for a crime he still claims to this day, 15 years later, that he didn't commit.

In recent months, I've been listening to Undisclosed.  Remember Rabia Chaudry?  She initially introduced Sarah Koenig to the Adnan's case.  Well, she and a few of her lawyer buddies produce this podcast, releasing new episodes every Monday, digging deeper into the case, tossing out theories and at times totally shattering the state's case.

At the end of Serial, all we knew was that there was very little (if any) evidence linking Adnan Syed to Hae Min Lee's murder.  In fact, there was no physical evidence linking him to the crime, and yet he was sentenced.

I'm not a lawyer.  The extent of my lawyering experience comes from watching episodes of The Good Wife and Drop Dead Diva (judge away).  So what would that be called?  An arm chair lawyer?  Sure.  But I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that with no physical evidence, Adnan was found guilty.

Let me refresh your memory here for a second.  O.J. Simposon went on trial in 1995 for the murders of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ron Goldman.  Physical evidence was stacked against him, placing him at the scene of the crime, leaving him literally red handed.  His blood and DNA were all over the crime scene.  The victims' blood was found inside his now ever famous white Bronco.  His motive was clear.  But when it came time to deliberate, the jury found him not guilty, releasing a murderer out onto the streets.

Two wildly publicized murder trials with two very different verdicts.  A possibly innocent man imprisoned for life vs. a murderer left roaming the streets (well, not for good.  Simpson did eventually land himself a hefty prison sentence for robbery).

Do I think Adnan did it?  Like I said before, I'm not a lawyer.  But listen to Undisclosed.  I think then you'll understand why I believe that he actually might be innocent.

I'm sure you all have some opinions, and I'd really like to hear them.  Share below, do you think Adnan is guilty?  Have you listened to Undisclosed?  If so, what you think about the shocking cell tower information and do you think it totally discredits the state's case?  And just for fun, tell me how old you were during the Simpson trial and if you remember any of it.


September Beauty Favorites


My makeup game has changed ever since the Naked palette came into my life.  I'd been lusting after it forever, but I finally pulled the trigger on it over the summer with some birthday money.  I don't have to tell you that it's great, you probably already know that.  But what I can tell you as someone who was super hesitant to drop $50 on eyeshadow is that it was worth every penny. (I know it's hard to see/read, but if you're a makeup guru, you'll notice that buck and sidecar are swapped.  I got a defective palette, ha)!  sin, half baked, naked, and toasted are my most used.  I use creep daily in my tightline.

I've also been all about the lipstick lately.  It's taken me some time to get used to, growing up a lipgloss junky, but now I can't get enough.  Revlon Sultry and Rimmel Kate Moss 107 have been on constant rotation.  Both are matte, comfortable, highly pigmented and long wearing.  Oh.  And cheap.  Really cheap.

It wouldn't be fall if there wasn't a muted purple-grey nail polish in the mix.  Julep's Gabrielle made it  on to my nails more than once in September.  Y'all know that's basically unheard of around here.

My short stubby lashes have been loving Cover Girl's Clump Crusher.  I used to be an all waterproof all the time kind of girl, but after reading an article about how bad that actually is for your lashes (and being over the nightly fight to remove said mascara), I made the switch.  But finding a non-waterproof formula that didn't smudge with my tiny, squinty little eyes was damn near impossible.  So far Wet n' Wild's Megalength and the CG Clump Crusher are the only two that I've found that don't flake and stay in place all day.

And for one sneaky non-beauty favorite, I had to include the Yankee Candle wax tart in kitchen spice.  Oh, holy fall goodness.  Just trust me, okay?

I'd love to know what your favorite, go-to fall lipstick is.  Fuel my new obsession!


Healthier Nails Thanks to Julep: Featuring XOXO + A FREE BOX!


September's Julep Maven box included a bonus polish for all subscribers, one of the many reasons I'm absolutely obsessed with Julep!  Free polish!!  This gorgeous magenta is an exclusive creme polish called XOXO.  Such a perfect jewel tone for fall!

Julep XOXO

julep xoxo

Julep XOXO

Julep XOXO

Julep XOXO

Julep claims that you'll have stronger, more beautiful, conditioned nails in just 2 weeks thanks to their oxygen technology, allowing the nails to breathe.  I didn't think anything of it.  A lot of companies make claims that don't actually stand up just to get a product sold.  

As someone who always has their nails painted, my nails were in pretty terrible condition.  They were weak and riddled with calcium spots (thanks gel polish).  I've been dying to feature a negative space manicure, but I couldn't ever do it because the negative space would expose the calcium spots.  Womp womp.

For the last two weeks, I've been wearing Julep brand nail polish (I find myself reaching for it over all others lately).  When I removed my polish for this last manicure, I couldn't believe the condition of my nails!  Almost 100% calcium spot free!

If you subscribe right now, using this link, you'll get your first box for free!  Just pay $2.99 for shipping!  The polishes retail for $14.99 individually.  They're high quality, long lasting, and beautifully formulated.


Stuff & Things: Webinar Edition

Okay.  So as you all know, I've been blogging for (wince) 7.5 years.  I've never attended a conference.  I've never read a blogging book.  I've never taken an e-course or participated in a webinar.  Well, that was until Wednesday night.

I'm going to be 100% honest here.  Blogging can be a terrifying thing when you start to think about just how many blogs are on the internet.  It's easy to discount yourself, ask yourself why would anyone care?  What I try to tell my friends when they ask me that question is there are always people out in the world who like the same things you do.  You just have to find them.

Blogging has made me feel less alone when I was lonelier than ever.  It's given me some of my best friends.  It's taught me things I never knew I needed or wanted to know.  It's opened doors to interests and passions I didn't even know I had.  Blogging encouraged my love for nail polish...and you all know what that looks like now.

Last night, I got to hang out with about 300 other bloggers with my hair tied in a knot on top of my head wearing a sorority t-shirt from 2001 (yes, 2001, it was gifted down a "family" member).  And it was so much freaking fun I can hardly stand it.  Just being among people with such a passion for the very thing you're passionate about awakens a fire in your soul.

 I'd resisted these things in the past thinking they'd be chalk full of people desperate to make a quick buck.  I'm all about making money blogging, but selling out is a whole other topic.  I couldn't have been more wrong.  Just like anything else, blogging is something that requires you to constantly be learning.  I'm ashamed to say that in my near 8 years, I haven't invested in my blogging education at all.  In my head, I justified it with the fact that my parents paid good money for my writing degree.  That was all I needed, right?

But that's just half the battle, friends.  You can be the best writer in the world (I'm not, truth), but if you don't know how to promote your hard work, you'll just get lost in the sea of bloggers.  Ask me how my book is doing. Yeah...

It's been a good week here in BCHQ (Blush Communications what I did there? ha), but last night's webinar with Helene is definitely the sweet spot, hands down.  I know a lot of us are careful with what we spend on our blogs, and we never know if our money will be worth it for a blogging course or webinar.  If you're even thinking about it, I'd recommend any of Helene's courses. She knows her stuff and she actually wants you to succeed.

I'm a convert.  There's so much free information available at our fingertips about everything and anything (not just blogging).  Get out there, find it, and soak it in!

I recently shared with my husband that I felt like my brain was empty.  I do the same things every day, stuck in a comfort zone. I've been itching to go back to school.  I've been researching classes and courses.  It's expensive, y'all.  I have zero student loans (thanks Mom & Dad), and it's a terrifying thought diving back into that world.

J had a good recommendation, find what's out there and take advantage.  And that's what I'm here to encourage YOU to do, today.  For the first time in a long time, I feel like I learned something this week.  And it's an awesome feeling.


Lately: Things I Always Have Edition

Emily Ley Simplified Planner

The other day, I was running a little behind schedule.  I grabbed my purse then made my way around the house collecting all the things I need throughout the day, and I realized I had quite a list of things that I constantly need with me.  I wear a lot of different hats, and those change from moment to moment, so it's necessary for me to be prepared for anything.  For at least the last two months, on any given day, you will always find these items in my bag.


I've talked about my Emily Ley Planner plenty, but it's become such a life saver.  With so much going on within a certain day, it's no longer just a planner obsession, it's 100% necessary.

The headphones play a couple roles.  Any time I'm on the phone, I'm on the headset.  I've found that my acne prone skin really shouldn't come in contact with what we know is a dirty, dirty phone.  As a new business owner, I'm constantly listening to educational podcasts (and a few for just pure entertainment, of course). Any time I'm driving or completing a mundane task, I'm either listening to a podcast or an audiobook.

This Julep Cuticle Cream has become my favorite, knocking my beloved Burts Bees Lemon Cuticle Butter into a close second.  It absorbs so quickly, making it the perfect on the go tool.

Marketing is more important than ever before. I'm always meeting with different local businesses or trying to make a connection with anyone I meet.  So my business cards hop from bag to bag with me in this super cute case my mom gave me shortly after I graduated college.  Little did I know they'd some day hold a card with CEO under my name!

I've found I don't like chewing gum.  Oddly, it hurts my jaw?  I know, weird.  So I've been relying on these Listerine Pocket Packs!  They dissolve quickly on your tongue and actually make your mouth feel fresh and clean, which I feel like most gum doesn't.  And trust me, with the amount of coffee I drink these days, they're necessary.

Obviously the phone comes with me everywhere.  That's a given.

I'm constantly brainstorming ideas.  A notebook is with me at all times.  I know I could just use my phone, but that's pretty much always dying (I need one of those portable chargers, which I'm sure will become an everyday essential soon enough), but I'm definitely a pen and paper kind of girl.

A true lip balm addict, I never leave the house without at least one.  These Carmex Moisture Plus skinny balms have been one of my favorites forever.  They didn't always come in such cute packaging, but the product itself is standout, no matter the packaging.

Lastly, with a todo list that's constantly growing, with tasks for many different roles piling up, color coding has become necessary.  These Staedtler TriPlus Fineliner pens are always with me.  I appreciate the packaging, and the pens don't bleed through the heavily discussed thin pages of the Emily Ley planner!  Win!

What do your days look like?  What are some of your must have necessities that you always carry with you no matter what?  Is there something I need to make life a little easier?  Let me know!