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October 23, 2014

Stuff & Things 10/23

>> I went out to dinner on Tuesday night with some Raleigh bloggers!!  It was so awesome to get to see all these sweet girls in person and swap stories!  They're all gorgeous fashion bloggers (and we all know I am so not a fashion blogger) so they all look put together and I look homeless.  I'm owning it hah!

>> I spent most of the day on Wednesday tackling my house.  How does it get so out of control.  Especially the laundry.  I mean, really.  It was out of control!  I'm working on implementing some kind of schedule for my cleaning stuff.  If and when I figure that out--I'll share it.

>> I'm so tired by the time I finally crawl into bed (which let's face it...has been around 8:30/9PM lately) I can hardly make it through any reading before I zonk out.  I need to find more time to get in some reading time.  It's taking an embarrassing amount of time to get through my current book.

>>I haven't been writing.  I know.  I wish I had an excuse.  I don't.  Instead I've been throwing myself into a lot of other things.  Along with the cleaning schedule, I'm working on getting a better grasp of all of my hats.  I wear a lot, in case you were wondering.

>> My cat ate my freaking planner.  Not my dog.  My cat.  I'd use this as the perfect excuse to buy myself the Emily Ley daily planner...but you know I won't drop that number of dollar bills on a planner.  They sure are pretty though!

>> I've been making myself more at home on this campus.  I know it's silly to say that now considering I've lived here for over 1.5 years now (gosh, has it really been that long?) but I've always felt a little out of place because I don't work here and I don't go to school here.  But you know what?  Living on campus has its perks.  And walking to the coffee shop (we just got a starbucks--a real live starbucks) and walking to grab lunch and just walking everywhere in general is definitely nice.  Especially now that J and I are sharing a car.  I'm not trapped in the house all day if I don't want to be (and I really needed to get out of the habit of not leaving for days and days--that's not good for anyone).

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October 22, 2014

But Sometimes...

I could elaborate.
But do I really need to?

Also?  New video.

October 21, 2014

What It Was Like

Our first year of college, J and I did the long distance thing.  To most high school relationships that would basically be a death sentence.  But to us, it was exciting.

You see, we weren't allowed to see each other when we were in high school.  There's a whole story there that I choose not to share on the internet, but for the purpose of this story you need to know that.  We weren't allowed any communication at all when we were in HS (we found ways).  I realizing I'm piquing your interest, and maybe someday I'll give the sparknotes version, but for now just understand that when we graduated HS, the world of college felt so liberating for us.

My uncle added a line to his cell phone line for J so we could talk (to this day, if my uncle were still alive, I'd still be paying him my gratitude for this).  And boy, did we talk!  Between every class.  Every night before bed.  First thing in the morning.  We couldn't get enough.  That makes sense, I guess, since we had an entire year of a relationship to catch up on.

Every weekend, one of us traveled the three hours either up or down the mountain.  And those weekends we spent together I'll remember forever.  It was then we finally had our first fights.  We finally got to grab a bite together or go catch a movie.  We finally got to date.

There weren't many weekends that we didn't see each other--but between school and life, there were a few.  This one particular Thursday night, I was feeling extra sad because it was one of the weekends J wasn't going to be able to make it.

We spent the evening on the phone and after a while one of my suitemates came in to tell me they were going to grab some dinner.  I decided to go with them.  I told J and we hung up.

My friends and I exited the dorm and my heart stopped.  It was one of those moments when I was sure I was mistaken.  There was no way.  NO way.

J's truck was pulling into the parking lot.

I stood there and watched as the truck that looked like his parked.  And then I cried when he climbed out of the driver's seat.

He'd surprised me.

October 20, 2014

A Few Things!

Hi Friends!  

Today's post actually went live yesterday, so be sure to check it out!!

I'm just popping in with a for quick a moment for a couple announcements!

  1. If you read yesterday's post, you know that my YOUTUBE channel has officially relaunched!  The plan is to have 3 videos a week: Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays!  Be sure to pop over and subscribe so you don't miss a video!
  2. I've had a lot of requests to do Follow Me Around vlogs also.  TheGirlJoeyVlogs will be launching in the next few weeks--but I'm not exactly sure yet how often I will be posting there.  That might be more of a "as things happen" site.  I'm considering doing Vlogmas (vlog every day in December until Christmas day).  How do you all feel about that?
  3. STARTING THURSDAY: I am now co-hosting STUFF & THINGS with Kristin!!  So be sure to have your posts ready for Thursday and link up!  There are no rules for this link up--so everyone and anyone can link up!  Also, spread the word!!
Okay!  That's it for today!  Happy Monday!  Remember to check out yesterday's post! 

How Campbell feels about Mondays:

October 19, 2014


Hi Friends!!

So SURPRISE!  My youtube channel is officially relaunched!

Today I'm partnering today's post with my video, which is a get ready with me!  

Find out how I feel about the products I used down below.  If you haven't yet, be sure to subscribe to my channel!  This is going to be a really fun new journey.  In the next few days I'll be launching a new vlog channel as well, so stay tuned for that!

  • monistat chafing gel.  Yeah.  I know.  But it's a perfect dupe for the smashbox photofinish primer and a freaking fraction of the cost.  Works wonderfully.
  • covergirl ready, set, gorgeous foundation.  This stuff is amazing.  I'm not usually a fan of covergirl foundation (they tend to be heavy and break me out).  The coverage on this is amazing.  The finish is a perfectly "matte" look without looking gross.  And it don't feel like I'm wearing anything.  And I'm super picky about that.
  • physicians formula conceal RX. I've used this stuff forever.  It does okay.  I'm interested in trying others though.  Recommendations?
  • rimmel match perfection.  This stuff works great for me as an under eye concealer.  I know I should probably use a salmon colored concealer to counteract the dark circles, but I like this stuff for what it is. And it's cheap.
  • rimmel stay matte powder.  This is my favorite powder. Light but does it's job!  And again, cheap.
  • nyc smooth skin blonzer in sunny.  This is a holy grail product and only a few dollars.  Love it to warm up the face.
  • wnw pearlescent pink blush.  A favorite!  Again, only a couple dollars and just so pretty!
  • bare minerals highlight in radiance. Such a pretty and subtle highlight!
  • urban decay primer potion.  Total favorite.
  • coastal scents revealed palette. This palette is only $19 and has perfect dupes for the shadows in both the Naked and Naked 2 palettes.  I'm not kidding.  Absolutely perfect.  I used this for my bottom liner, my eyebrow fill in, and my shadows.
  • jordana 12 hour liquid eyeliner pencil in black.  I tightlined with this.  Don't let the 12 hour fool you.  It does smudge on me.
  • jordana 12 hour made to last chubby pencil in continuous almond.  I like this in my waterline to look more awake.  Not really sold on the staying power though.
  • wnw megalength mascara.  I've told you before I was totally shocked by this mascara.  It's really pretty, the formula is perfect and it doesn't flake or smudge on me!  $2.99 y'all!!