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August 29, 2014

PUT TO THE TEST: Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy



Revlon Gel Envy: 430 Showtime
Revlon Gel Envy: 010 Top Coat

DAY 2:

(if you look closely you can see the dent)

DAY 3:

  • I purchased these from Walmart for $4.96 each, which is a fair price point in my opinion.  The product can be found at any drugstore, but be aware that the price will be closer to the $7.99 range.  This price is consistent with the original Colorstay line that is being discontinued.

  • From the Revlon website: "Create salon-quality color in 30 vibrant shades with our revolutionary 2 step system.  Brush on the base + color in one and then finish with the protective Colorstay Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat for superior strength.  Together, they will create vivid color, brilliant shine, and gorgeous life resistant wear."

  • I followed the directions on the back of the bottle.  This is 2 coats of the base + color & 1 coat of the diamond top coat.
  • In my most honest assessment, I'm fairly certain this is just the original Revlon Colorstay polish that's been around for ages (that's being discontinued) just repackaged with the word gel slapped on it to fit into this new trend.
  • The topcoat formula is eerily similar to the original Colorstay topcoat that everyone loves so much.  While it's a good topcoat, it's not a gel.
  • I have to say it irritates me a little that it's something that is being marketed a "set" type product (meaning you need both the color and that particular topcoat).  This, in my opinion, is not the case.  The slogan: 2 steps to gel envy.
  • They color selection is great.  They have some unique, beautiful shades to select from.
  • I get a nicer shine and better wear out of any polish (this included) topped with my beloved Seche Vite.  I was very disappointed with the lack of shine from this product.
  • I am not particularly hard on my nails.  That last chip (the big one on my pinky) happened while I was washing my hair (which was the first time I washed my hair with this polish on since I don't wash my hair every day).
  • There was some wear on the tips after the first day, but that's pretty typical even with a gel polish.  The tiny chips, however, are not standard.
  • I used my standard Sally Hansen base coat because I am generally wary of any color polish that claims to have a base coat built in.
  • DRY TIME: The first coat of the color dried in approx. 2 minutes.  The second coat, which I found needed to be a thicker coat to attain opacity, dried in approx. 10 minutes.  The diamond top coat dried in approx. 15 minutes.  HOWEVER: Despite the long dry times, several hours after application, I dented my thumbnail and my left index finger and I don't even know how.  

  • The color was gorgeous and unique.  I definitely don't have anything like it in my collection.  This is not a gel or gel like product.  It is a standard "long wearing" polish.  It is not particularly  thick on your nails, nor does it shine quite like a gel.  I would purchase other colors from the line, but I wouldn't recommend nor would I repurchase the top coat.  You're better off with your favorite long wearing or quick dry top coat.  My recommendation is always Seche Vite.
Have you tried this line?  If so, what are your thoughts?

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August 28, 2014

Some Stuff. & Some Things.

>>Did you know I basically live for music?  I'll admit I like love that pop junk, but my heart beats for independent artists and singer songwriters.  But in all honesty?  I can find inspiration in pretty much any song if I listen to it in the right way.  Have you seen this yet?  Chase Holfelder has started a youtube channel devoted to taking songs in major (which typically sound happy) and changing them to minor (which sound sadder).  His rendition of Girls Just Want To Have Fun is hauntingly beautiful.

>> No one warns you for this crap.  You spend all this time developing friendships when you're young that you just kind of bank on staying strong into adulthood.  Isn't that kind of the point?  You do all the young and stupid stuff together so that you have someone to reminisce with when you're too tired old to do all that young and stupid stuff.  But what people forget to prepare us for is that sometimes we change.  I don't know exactly who's to blame, but it's always a sad thing when you wake up at 28 and realize the people you once relied so heavily on are people you hardly know anymore.

>> Campbell has their first football game tonight!

>> I've been watching Last Man Standing on Netflix the last few weeks.  It's definitely not a show for everyone (especially if you're easily offended), but I just love it!  It's fun and light and kind of makes me feel like I'm hanging out with family at the end of the day.  Okay.  I might be a little crazy.  Whatever.

>> One of my favorite snacks is homemade guac.  Have I ever shared my recipe here?  It's easy and certainly not original, but here goes:

  • 2 avocados
  • a few slices of a yellow onion
  • 1 jalapeno (remove ribs if you're not into spicy.  I usually remove the ribs from one side)
  • Juice from 2 limes
  • a little cumin (like, a teaspoon or less but varied for your taste)
  • salt to taste
  I send all the ingredients for a happy little whirl in the food processor because I just love creamy guac--but if you're into the chunk, feel free to mix it all by hand!

Alright friends.  I think that's it for today.  Happy Thursday.

August 27, 2014

The Struggle...

If we're confessing things here, I really don't have any rules when it comes to food.  I eat what I want when I want it.  Because of our lifestyle, we mostly eat in.  But sometimes I go on these kicks where I want all the fast food.  Like I admitted on Monday, Saturday consisted of Bojangles for breakfast, Chickfila for lunch and pizza for dinner.

But because we ordered pizza of course there were leftovers.  Which I proceeded to eat for lunch and dinner for the next few days.  And I didn't see one single problem with that.

Well.  The weather was gorgeous on Monday.  And so I geared up for a 3 mile run.  Just a few hours after eating pizza for lunch.

I've been doing really well with training and have been knocking out 2+ mile runs without much trouble minus the god forsaken humidity every other day. So with the lack of humidity on Monday, I should have been a-ok.

Y'all.  It was a struggle.  I had to stop and catch my breath multiple times.  And I kind of felt like my heart was having a hard time beating.

And then it dawned on me...

I had nothing fueling my body.

I would have quit.  I really would have.  Except  I didn't run my normal route.  And by time I realized I kind of wanted to quit, I was over a mile and a half from home.

That's one way to ensure I run 3 miles.

I'll say this.  I went right to the grocery store that night.  And this fast food junkie is paying a little more attention to what I'm using to fuel my body.


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August 25, 2014

Babies and Puppies and Football...Oh, My!

Revlon: Chic
**I also got a little too much enjoyment out of the fact that this color matched my fitbit.  I'm easily amused.
**Do you have a fitbit?  Add me!

What a weekend, you guys!  The weekend around here doesn't usually mean much (at least not until games start--which at least forces me to be aware that it's Saturday, ha).  But this one was an exception!

Wednesday evening, I was gearing up to head to wing & trivia night with the hubs (I know, it's like I actually had a husband last week) when my phone rang.  The bestie was on the other line, cool as a cucumber.  "I think my water just broke."  She was all relaxed, just waiting for her hubs to get home and take her to the hospital.  I, on the other hand, was jumping out of my skin!  My sweet niece was on her way!

That night I had the craziest dreams in the little sleep I got between texts.  It was such an experience to be a part of everything even so far away.  Her husband, thank goodness, was able to get some time off (which we weren't sure was actually going to happen), so I'll be heading out that way later this week when he heads back to work.  I...yeah.  I can't freaking wait!

J worked late on Friday, but I had him all day on Saturday!  Since he so rarely gets a full day off, it was dubbed husband day and he chose to park in on the couch for the day.  I ran but also ate bojangles, chickfil and pizza.  Whatever.  At least I ran. Ha!

Sunday, I had plans to meet one of the wives (football) at the dog park with her new little pup!  Our Baileys got along so well and had a blast socializing with all the dogs at the park.  We ended up staying for two hours!  To say the Baileys were worn out is such an understatement!  One of the other wives lives only a few miles from the dog park, so we loaded up and headed over there for the afternoon.  It was a nice way to spend our last Sunday before the season kicks off on of Thursday!

Holy crap.  
The season kicks off on Thursday.
Where has the year gone?

August 22, 2014

Cute Cute Cute Cuticles!

(of course because I'm sharing about cuticle care, in the outdoor pics my cuticles look haggard.  whatever)

China Glaze: Float On

I've never quite jumped on the Flip Flop Fantasy bandwagon.  Mostly because every time I've gone to  Sally's, it looks much more orange than pink.  So I alway skip it.
When I found Float On in the clearance rack during their additional 50% off clearance items, I snatched it up pretty quick.

It's a gorgeous neon pink!  It does dry matte-ish like most neons, but a coat of Seche Vite took care of that!

Now, because my most asked question of all time is how I take care of my cuticles, I'll share my favorite products & methods!

Easy Cuticle Care

1) In my opinion, it doesn't really matter how well you take care of your cuticles if you don't keep them moisturized.  That's the number one key to keeping them nice.  I slather on the Burt's Bee's Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream at least once a day.  

2) In addition to the cuticle cream, I also unintentionally moisturize with coconut oil multiple times a day.  I use CO as my facial moisturizer, so at least twice a day I'm rubbing the excess into my hands.  In turn, it moisturizes my cuticles.

3. Every other manicure (confession: I paint my nails about every 2 days), I "clean up" my cuticles.  That involves this guy: Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover.  I squirt this around my cuticles one hand at a time.  I let it sit about a minute.

4. Then I take an orange stick (did you know that's what those little wooden sticks are officially called?  Well, now you do) and push back my cuticles.  I'm sure to "scrape" around the nail removing the gel (and the dead skin).  I keep a paper towel near by to clean off the stick in between each nail.

5. Occasionally (about twice a month), I have to trim my cuticles.  I wouldn't recommend this unless you have a pretty steady hand and a good eye.  This is a pretty unnecessary step if you're not someone who takes photos of your nails weekly.  It's easy to mess up and cut yourself which causes bleeding.  Lots and lots of bleeding.  Maybe just treat yourself to a professional manicure once a month--they'll do this for you.  

And that's pretty much it, y'all.  I will say this, before I started with this routine my cuticles were disgusting.  They were always ragged, dry and painful.  It doesn't take much--but you need to be consistent!  Happy Friday!

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